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607 S Friendswood Dr. Ste 1, Friendswood, Texas



Stress Screening Friendswood

. Duration:45m·

Weight Loss Screening Friendswood

. Duration:45m·

Stop Smoking Screening Friendswood

. Duration:45m·

Hypnosis Career Screening Friendswood

. Duration:45m·


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About us

We currently have two locations:
- Friendswood: 607 South Friendswood Dr. Ste. #1
- Galleria: 5718 Westheimer 10th Floor Ste. #64
Friendswood is near Hometown Bank and Sherman Williams.
Galleria is near an Exxon gas station and Memorial Lutheran

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8 reviews
  • diana walcik·

    I'm feeling a lot better since i started my hypnosis. It really helps me be positive in many ways of thinking about my life. Also, hypnosis brings me peace and confidence and feeling stronger. I am achieving my goals to be success and being easier on myself in my life. Hypnosis brings peace inside of me. I recommend this program for everybody because of the healing power of hypnosis. I was stuck at 126 lbs for years. I lost five pounds and it has been amazing. I lost it overnight. It was easy, and I did not exercise at all. It's amazing.

  • MaKenna P·

    Hypnosis has helped me gain the confidence to succeed in cheer and in my person life. I have learned how to relax and stop and think about the good things that could happen in stressful situations, and how to calm down over all.

  • Zoe·

    Hypnosis has helped me in various ways and has allowed me to gain control in my stressful situation. I enjoy being able to control my stress levels, and hypnosis has helped very much in doing that. I have learned a lot through hypnosis and very glad to be doing it.

  • Edgar·

    Southeast Hypnosis is great to work with, she will get down to the details on why your life is the way it is and try to make you see your self from outside the box you created. My thoughts and feelings were not in line with me, she made me see and arrange them in a way I could make them work for me.

  • Tom H·

    By coming to Rose, I have been taught to relax and take my own suggestions from me of things that I need to get rid of. I was a smoker for 43 years and I no longer smoke. I have learned to set goals and by suggestion and taking action. I overcome the issues.

  • Brandy Miller·

    I love working with Rose. I have been able to control my appetite and portion size with ease. I have lost nine pounds in two weeks, which is amazing for me, I have a hard time giving up Dr. Pepper! I haven't had a Dr. Pepper in two weeks. I am excited to see how far I can go with Rose. She is wonderful at her job, her soothing voice is very comforting and soothing. I would recommend Rose to anyone who has tried everything. This is the one thing that has worked for me.

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